Monday, April 13, 2009

Once Upon A Time......

Once Upon A Time Part 2

Once upon a time in the Commonwealth of Virginia there were these bunnies living on Sudley Road in Manassas, Virginia. The littlest bunny was called Precious because she was so precious and cute. One day Jack and Joann drove to Sudley Road to see the white bikes. When Joann got out of the car to take photos of all these white bikes she pulled her camera out of her purse and in doing so dropped her business card with her blogspot address. Well, little Precious found that business card and learned that there was something in the world called the internet. She talked her father Peter Rabbit into getting a computer for their bunny hole so she could find out what the internet was all about.

Precious soon discovered what fun the internet could be. Why she learned that she could visit Joann's blog and from there travel to different blogs like Old Man Lincoln's Bird Blog and Fishing Guy's Critter Page. With just a flick of the wrist she could visit Wanda in California and Linda in Washington and June in Michigan. And Precious soon learned that she could learn a million things by surfing the web or by doing a little bunny search. She discovered that there were Bunny Hops in the '50's and that DJ's would play Pat Boone's April Love for the dancers. Precious also learned that dancing kept changing. Bunny Hops became Sock Hops and then Twisters and then Disco Mania Events with John Travolta wannabees. Why there was even something called Hip Hop and something else called Break Dancing.

Precious loved the internet but she wanted faster service so she talked Peter Rabbit into getting her a notebook computer that she could use at Panera Bread and Starbucks. Boy that sure was fun. Then Precious told her Momma Patty that she needed her very own Blackberry as well her very own I-Pod. Then one day when Father Peter Rabbit wanted go for a bike ride with Precious, Precious told him she didn't have time to pedal her bike because she had so much surfing and text messaging to do on her Blackberry. Could Father Peter Rabbit put her bike in his bike basket and she could ride along and text message her friends at the same time. And so that's what happened. (See second photo above where Patty Rabbit is getting ready to help Peter put Precious on the little bike in Peter's basket.)

And then one day when Momma Patty Rabbit asked Precious if she wanted to hop next door and nibble some fresh sweet organic grass, Precious said no to Momma. Why Momma I can have artificial dyed Easter grass delivered prepackaged to our house by accessing a site on the web. Soon Precious was spending 24 hours a day on her Blackberry and eating all that artificial grass. Then one day Poppa Peter Rabbit and Momma Patty Rabbit took a good hard look at Precious and discovered that she was no longer precious and cute. She was pretty peaked looking. In fact, she was downright Phat with a capital P! Why right under their bunny noses Precious had put on 30 pounds! She was absolutely obese. Then the very unfortunate day came when Precious could not even fit her bunny body on her little white bike that was in Poppa Peter's bike basket.

And the very last straw came the day Precious demanded that Peter and Patty Rabbit sign up for FIOS so that she could have even faster internet service. So Peter biked on down to the Manassas City Hospital on Sudley Road and talked to the nutrition and exercise department about Precious's weight gain. When Peter got home he told Patty that he learned they would have to give Precious some hard love. No more internet. No more web searching and blog browsing. No more prepacked artificial Easter grass for Precious to consume while surfing the web. There could be no more riding on the little bike in the basket on the big white bike because she couldn't get her Phat bunny frame in that basket. Precious was going to have to hop off the computer and go outside and get lots of fresh air and exercise as well as find her very own organic grass from the lawns for munching. And Peter told Patty that they were not the only parents with an overweight child. He said he learned thru the hospital nutritionist that 25% of four year olds in the U.S. were obese and likely to become diabetic. What a shame. What a shame.

Precious didn't like exercising and hopping around yards to get her own Easter grass to eat but she didn't like being the Phatest little bunny on the block either. She had really liked being precious and cute so she agreed to sign up to be on that new reality show called The Biggest Loser Bunny.

That was a great decision for Precious. She got the encouragement and training that she needed and she worked her little bunny tail off. Soon she was the winner of the show and on to another reality show called The Bachelor where she met the cutest fellow named T. Boone Pickens, The Third. Precious now lives in Dallas, Texas on the same cul de sac where both T. Boone Pickens, The First and former President George W. Bush reside. Precious has become a respected hospital nutritionist and is helping Laura Bush plan healthy homemade retirement meals for her husband George. Meanwhile back in Manassas, Virginia each year all the Easter Bunnies on Sudley Road have an Easter Parade where they walk their white bikes along Sudley Road. That's what you see in the top photo: The Easter Parade Walk.

The End
I want to thank Fishing Guy at That Is My Blog for leaving a suggestion for the middle and end of my bunny story about Precious. Thanks FG!


jeanine said...

The Biggest Loser Bunny! LOL. Will She be going on Survivor next?

fishing guy said...

Joann: Two great minds collaborate on their second project, you remember the Buckeyes/Tree. What a really neat story and a funny ending. Are you ready to send it to the editor for printing soon?

Merisi said...

That is such a funny story -
thank you for a wonderful ending to the Easter weekend! :-)