Sunday, April 19, 2009

Margaret's Baby Shower

My younger daughter Jeanine pictured here hosted a baby shower for one of her co-workers at the Coast Guard.
Here is the guest of honor Margaret opening one of her baby gifts. Did you know that they now make baby wipes with a warming device so the baby has a warm wipe on his/her tushie? What will they think of next. Some folks are old enough to still remember only cloth diapers that had to be rinsed and washed and folded for reuse!

By the way it has been determined that Margaret is having a little boy.
Presents, presents and more presents for Margaret and her baby.

Yours truly in blue getting to know Margaret's Swedish relatives and friends.
Someone came with a one year old little boy named Max who had the cutest smile. Looking up is Margaret's mother. Can you read her mind? Soon I will have a little grandson to hug and spoil rotten!
I think this was the best baby gift. Margaret's aunt in Idaho sent her a handmade blue cap that she had knitted. It was so very tiny! It fit perfectly on the stuffed brown monkey's head. I hope it fits the baby.
Good luck, Margaret!
And Jeanine, you did a fine job hosting the shower for Margaret at your apartment. Momma was very proud of your cooking, baking and decorating for the shower.


Margaret said...

What cute pictures!! Thanks for posting this! :) :) And I have to agree Jeanine did the best job! She is a party expert!!

Wanda said...

What darling pictures ~~ I love baby showers.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Visiting blogs tonight and tomorrow.

It's something you can do, and still rest.