Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little House On The Prairie Part II

Little House On The Prairie Part II
Jack Aidan: "Pa, bird, bird, egg, egg!"
Pa: "Knock, knock, anybody home?"
Jack Aidan: "Uh-ohh, uh-ohh!"
Pa: "Three baby birds.
One for you.
One for Grandma.
And one for me."
Jack Aidan: "Night, night, bye, bye."
Grandpa: "Let's close the door now."
Jack Aidan: "Again, again, again!"
Final Comment: Click twice on the baby bird photo and you will notice that the parents have plucked some of their own feathers out and surrounded the babies with these feathers to make an extra cozy bird bassinet.


Denise said...

Another very sweet story Joann, beautiful photos, great post!!!

fishing guy said...

Joan: Looks like you found your camera. The little birds are so strange.