Sunday, August 9, 2009

My World Tuesday = Okinawa Memories

Okinawa 1969-1970

Bachelor Officers' Quarters #400

The five story BOQ that was right off the highway that ran all along the coast of Okinawa from Hedo in the north to Naha in the south.

View of the South China Sea from BOQ #400.

Betsy's BOQ Room

It had
battleship grey walls with a blue pull out sofa bed.
Betsy is relaxing in her room after attending a formal army dinner dance with her date, Jerry Plunkett. I attended this formal dinner dance with a guy Betsy and Jerry fixed me up with.

Having Fun
Here I am in Betsy's room in my white gown laughing about something --- who knows what.
Both Betsy and I had our formal gowns handmade by Okinawan tailors.

BOQ #400
The tall tower in the middle was the elevator.
My room was on the second floor towards the back.
I forget what floor Betsy's room was on---maybe the third or fourth.
Well, give me a break.
This was forty years ago!
Now look at us today.

Betsy and Joann
August 2009

What a nice surprise to have a visit from Betsy.
The first time to see each other in over thirty-five years!
By the way, Betsy married her date for that formal dance.
So both Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Plunkett came to visit Jack and I last Thursday from Salinas, California.
We surely had fun reminiscing about great old times teaching on Okinawa.
and remembering the typhoon parties when school was canceled.
(I guess Japan and China are experiencing a very severe typhoon right at this moment.)

So this entire week is going to be dedicated to Okinawa memories.
Come back tomorrow and I'll show you pics of the floating bar party in BOQ #400.
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Denise said...

Great post, and nice to see friends after all these years.

Arija said...

So wonderful to have someone to share these memories with. One thends to remember so much more when bouncing them off each other.
Enjoy your week!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: That was an interesting look back to your time in Japan.