Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NARFE Meeting: U.S. Congressman Wolf

Last week U.S. congressman Frank Wolf came to the Manassas chapter of NARFE and spoke about issues important to retired federal employees.
The local newspaper sent a photographer to cover the event. I took this photo of the photographer documenting Congressman Frank Wolf's speech.

My husband Jack as the current president of the Manassas chapter of NARFE had the honer of introducing Frank Wolf to the group. In Jack's introduction speech he mentioned that congressman Wolf has 12 grandchildren. When Frank Wolf stood up to speak to us he told Jack that he had to update his bio notes because he now has 14 grandchildren and that his daughter is expecting a baby in December. From left to right: Bill Martin, President of VA NARFE; Congressman Frank Wolf; Frank Szmuilo, Chairman of VA National Legislation Committee for NARFE; and Jack, Manassas Chapter President for NARFE.

Post speech huddle. Congressman Wolf warned the group that we are in perilous times in our nation's history. We can either be great in the 21'st century or become a passed over former world power like Spain after the 1500's, France after the 1700's and England after the 1800's. And who might replace us on the world stage? China. Right now China owns our tremendous debt, has an ever expanding factory and high technology base and has one out five persons living in the world!
Needless to say this was a very sobering speech.

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Denise said...

That must have been a really interesting evening. I also enjoyed all your great photographs.