Tuesday, August 18, 2009

News Flash: New Blogger In Our House

Grandma: What are you doing at the computer?

Jack Aidan: I'm checking the photos on Picasa 3 for our blog.

Grandma: Our blog?!

Jack Aidan: Yes, Grandpa has been teaching me how to use your computer.

See, I know just how to hold this little mouse. But Grandma why is it called a mouse?

It doesn't look like a mouse that Merlin the Cat would chase?

Jack Aidan: I need two fingers to hit Control Delete.

Grandma: What! What are you deleting sweetheart?

Jack Aidan: I'm just editing your blog Grandma.

I know I can edit. My mommy was an English major at UVA and she is teaching me.

Grandma: Well, I hope she is showing you how to read too. Reading comes before editing.

And learning to talk comes before reading.
It also helps if you can get yourself up on this chair.

Jack Aidan: I can. I can. I'll show you sometime soon.


The Good Life in Virginia said...

oh my goodness, he's sure grown :)
and what a handsome little fellow.

Barb said...

This is just great, Joann! Being a doting Grammy myself, I appreciate Jack's precocious nature! (I also have a Jack - mine is Jack Henry who will be 5 next month.)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Great shots of Little Jack doing his thing.