Sunday, August 30, 2009

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Big Brother
We Are Now Down To The Nitty Gritty:
The Final Five Houseguests

Ok, I admit it. All summer I have been following the Big Brother reality show on TV that is hosted by Julie Chen. It comes on Sunday night for nominations for evictions, Tuesday night for power of veto over evictions and Thursday night for the actual eviction of the houseguest. And yes, I will also admit that I have watched every summer since it first was broadcast in the summer of 2000. The summer of 2000 is when I also got addicted to the the reality show Survivor which is hosted by Jeff Probst. I love these two reality shows and simply cannot miss an episode each season. And I still remember some of the unforgettable characters from each season of Big Brother like Will, Chicken George,Evil Dick, Jessie, Rennie, etc.

This year's most despicable houseguest was from Ohio---that cocky little Ronnie who stirred up the house at the beginning of the season. I am afraid Ronnie gave Ohio a bad name so I was glad to see him evicted. And then there was Chima who got expelled for breaking the house rules. Chima, Chima, Chima! You crazy crazy girl! I was happy to see her go too. Jessie and Lydia were not favorites of mine either so I was glad to see them walk out the door this season. Russell was wild and loud at times but I kinda liked him. Jeff should not have nominated him last week. Tonight I think Jeff has now overplayed his hand and will be nominated along with Michele.

Well, the truth is I know he and Michele have been nominated because I have found a secondary Big Brother website that tells you in advance what is going to happen on each televised show. I know, I know! It is really really bad when you are so attached to a reality TV show that you have to find out before the show airs what is going to happen when the show does air.

But I'm not going to change my addiction stripes now. There are much worse things that I could be addicted to like alcohol or drugs or food. Can't an old lady like me have at least one bad habit in life? By the way, Jack is addicted too so don't call our house tonight when the show is being broadcast. We will be glued to the TV and won't be able to take your phone call.

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