Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Collected Menu - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Collected Menu - Jackson Hole,Wyoming
If you look to the right on my blog and check my subject listings, you will find a category called Collected Menu. These are menus that I have collected over the past forty some years of places I have dined. The menu above is from Jackson Hole,Wyoming. I got this menu in 2007 when Jack and I took a 39 day trip across the United States. I think if you asked me to name my all time favorite western town, I would definitely have to say Jackson Hole. It just reeks with western charm from the town square that sports antlers to the mountains above the city that look as though the skiers could fly down and land in your lap on the town square. The Snake River Grill is on the town square and is a great western food place. Jack and I had a great meal here so I just had to ask for a menu to add to my menu collection.

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