Thursday, November 18, 2010

The National Marine Corp Museum Part II

The National Marine Corp Museum Part II
The Tun Tavern
The Tun Tavern is a very small intimate dining room off of the main Mess Hall at The National Marine Corp Museum. It only seats around 30 people at one time and the day we were there with our out of town friends I think all the other diners were current and former marines who kept yelling comments to the man dressed in red, white and black in the above photo. All the yells were yells of approval as this gentleman in colonial dress was explaining the oil painting behind him that this museum had commissioned to be painted of the most famous U.S. marines. All the marines whether from the 1770's or the 1940's or the 1950's are portrayed in colonial attire. If you look closely, you might spot Col. John Glenn of Ohio, First Sergeant Dan Daly, Col. David Shoup and other famous marines from famous battles.

This speaker then pointed out the man at the bottom of the painting holding a beer mug and said his name which I now forget. He asked us if we knew why this man was in the painting. We said no. He then said that he didn't know either until one day this man in the painting walked into the Tun Tavern and announced that's me in the painting so the speaker asked him what he had done to deserve to be in the painting. The gentleman replied because I gave $250,000 to have this painting created for Tun Tavern.

Our guests enjoyed the speaker's talk and then proceeded to eat with gusto the marine burgers and beers that appeared at our dining table. I would recommend eating at Tun Tavern versus The Mess Hall at the museum. But do get there early. It fills up quickly since there are only around 30 seats in the tavern.

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