Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lucky Cuss Restaurant Menu

The Lucky Cuss Restaurant Menu

Tombstone, Arizona is another western town that represents the old wild west. It is known as the town that was too tough to die. Every fall Tombstone, Arizona has a wild west festival called Tombstone Days. The man pictured on the cover of this old menu is Jack Hendrickson who moved to Arizona around 1960 and created The Lucky Cuss Restaurant and Barbeque Pit. Jack Hendrickson enjoyed doing western reenactments and I will always remember seeing him march with his burro in the Tombstone Days Parade when we lived in Arizona in the '70s.

Jack Hendrickson who moved to Arizona from Illinois named his new restaurant after another Tombstone legend, Ed Schieffelin who long ago had discovered two silver mines right outside of Tombstone that had earned him the nickname "The Lucky Cuss". Jack Hendrickson following in his idol's footsteps also thought he was "The Lucky Cuss" to be able to live and work in Tombstone so he named his restaurant The Lucky Cuss.

Jack Hendrickson became a Tombstone fixture by serving on the City Council for 8 years and for being the town mayor for 4 years. Jack died in 1988 but I think his restaurant is still in Tombstone and being run by his daughters.

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robert said...

My name is Robert Hunter. I too lived in Tombstone for a spell in the 70s, then again in the 80s and 90s, where my Grandmother Gabe Brett lived and had a shop (Gabe's Dolls and Antiques). I spent many days listening to the stories of Jack and have arrowheads and fossils he gave me still on my shelf. Unfortunately, the last time I was in Tombstone (2008), the Lucky Cuss Restaurant was no more. It was a sad realization for me. Thank you for the wonderful memory.