Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Results

Election Results

I'm delighted that some people lost: Paladino in NY, O'Donnell in DE, the "nazi" in Ohio, etc.

I'm delighted that some people won: Tan Man Boehner in Ohio, Harry Reid in Nevada, Rubio in Florida, Wolf in VA, etc.

As you can see by the above I'm an independent who votes/favors the person not the party. Why? Because I think both political parties have lost their moral high ground so it is always a choice of the "the lesser of two evils" in my mind.

In the meantime here in Virginia we still don't have a definite winner in the Gerald Connolly and Keith Fimian election. Just 500 votes separate the two candidates and 98 percent of the votes have been counted. There will surely be a recount here.

I hope all of you have some election results today that will make you feel happy.


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