Monday, May 23, 2011

Horse Race Cookies From Red Truck Bakery

Horse Race Cookies From Red Truck Bakery
Every year on the same Saturday as the Kentucky Derby the Virginia horse crowd gets all dressed up in nice shirts and ties and dresses and hats and head to the Virginia Great Meadows Races which is in Plains, VA, not for from Warrenton. Dickie who writes Dragonquilter blog that I feature on my blog roll goes every year with her husband Scott and some other friends.

Well, in Warrenton we heard this spring that a new organic bakery had opened and was serving homemade sandwiches so in March Jack and I motored on down to Warrenton in Fauquier County. (This is the town where Jack Kent Cooke, the former redskins owner, divorced a couple of wives years ago.) Above are the horsehead cookies.
Here are the red truck cookies.
And here's the antique red truck!
Here's the inside of the bakery which has been transformed from a 1950's era gas station.
Just being inside brought back memories of the 1950's.
Here's the one table in the bakery made of old boards from a barn.
This is a communal table so you sit with strangers.
The day we went we talked with a couple from Falls Church.
This was the tag on the back of the red truck.
Here's a photo of the front of the bakery.
You can see that the two doors on the right are old time garage doors.

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those cookies look good!