Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Strolling Silver Strings

The Strolling Silver Strings
Norfolk, VA Public Schools
Heidi Kirby, Program Director
Jack and I attended the NARFE banquet where we had the chance to hear the amazing Strolling Silver Strings. What are they? They are a group of string orchestra students from the six Norfolk City High Schools who compete for one of the select positions in this group. This outstanding group has played for two presidents: Reagan and Bush. And there are only three such groups like this in the entire United States so Virginia and Norfolk in particular are very lucky to have one of the three groups.
These high school students are incredible. Their director pointed out that they must spend many hours each week in practices or in performance concerts while still maintaining their other high school classes. She pointed out that one member is the quarterback for his high school football team and that the dark haired young man on the cello in the above picture will be his high school's valedictorian this spring.

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