Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NARFE Alzheimer's Standing Committee

Donna Shackelford of Fairfax, VA is the NARFE state chair for the alzheimer's committee.
She does a great job and brought to the convention the writer of the book below. Robert B. Schaefer writes in this book about his wife's long struggle with early onset alzheimer's disease.

Robert attended the NARFE state convention to autograph in ink pen not ballpoint pen his book. I bought a copy and was so impressed with both the book and Mr. Schaefer's penmanship. I dare you to read this true story and not shed a tear or two.

Take a look below at Robert B. Schaefer's wonderful penmanship. Oh my, in the day of electronic mail this is surely a dying art form.

This is a photo in the book that shows Robert, Sarah and their four children: Sean, Tom Bobby and Kathy back in 1976.
And here is a picture from the book of Robert's wife, Sarah, shortly before she succumbed to alzheimer's in 2008.

Some Facts About Alzheimer's Disease
1. More women than men get this disease
2. The disease causes plaques and tangles to develop in the brain
3. Alzheimer's is the leading cause of dementia in older people
4. Scientists now think that one in eight Americans will now develop alzheimer's
5. Robert Schaefer calls alzheimer's the idenity thief of the 21'st century
6. A man by the name of Alzheimer discovered the disease way back in 1905

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