Friday, May 6, 2011

NARFE Piano Player

NARFE Piano Player:
Pierce Johnson
Naval Academy (Annapolis) Graduate
Retired Navy Admiral
Current Area IX Vice President of VA NARFE
The Gentleman Who Can Tickle The Piano Keys
To Entertain The NARFE Crowd Before Dinner
By the way who can join NARFE, the only organization that protects the retirement benefits earned by federal workers? You can join NARFE if you are a current or retired federal civilian employee or military employee or if you are the spouse of a current or retired federal civilain employee or military employee. There are NARFE chapters in all 50 states so consider joining the organization if you qualify and are concerned about what Congress might do to our current retirement benefits.

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Pierce said...

Jack & Joann -- ANNAPOLIS graduate, not WEST POINT graduate! All the best, Pierce