Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Ornaments Part 1

Does your Christmas tree have a theme to its ornaments? Our big tree in the living room now has several themes going at the same time but originally it began in 1975 as a Raggedy Ann and Andy Theme Tree with ornaments from Hallmark. Why? Because we planned to welcome our little baby boy or girl home to a Raggedy Ann or Andy Nursery. The stocking with the question mark was used in 1975 by the fireplace to annouce to the world that we were expecting but we didn't know what. No ultrasounds in 1975 to learn the sex of the baby. None in 1979 either when we learned we were going to have another baby.

For several years we collected Hallmark's Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments. Then all of a sudden Hallmark stopped making them so we had to jump to some other Hallmark ornaments for the main tree. In addition over the years we have had smaller trees with special themes: the bird tree, the corn husk dolls tree, the kitchen utensils tree, the German ornaments tree, the tiny books tree, the angel tree, the Cabbage Patch Kids tree and the teddy bear tree.

Our big tree in the living room is now a depository of family memories. I have always selected at least two new ornaments each year (for each daughter) and those selected ornaments reflected what was going on in our lives that particular year. So looking at my tree in the living room this is what I saw and photographed.

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