Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Are They Stealing Now?

The Washington Post's crime report for Prince William County today had 11 incidents of copper being stolen. These copper capers are taking place at commercial and home construction sites as well as from telephone poles and in one incident from a home residence. I can remember when the Bisbee Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona closed down because it was no longer profitable to mine copper there. Now the cost of copper has skyrocketed because of all the new construction in both China and the Middle East and so these copper thieves are stealing used copper. Amazing. Can you imagine the unlucky homeowners who came home to discover the copper missing from their house and since copper is mainly used for water pipes in a house I wonder if they had a flooded home as well. Stealing copper from telephone poles and electrical poles is disconcerting too---not good for Americans and our country's security. I wonder who these copper thieves are? What do you think?

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