Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Second Day of Christmas

We did a little after Christmas shopping at Kohls with Jennifer and Baby Jack. Grandma's senior status got us an additional 15% off our purchases.
Then we went home to eat Christmas leftovers. Hmmmmmmm....good.
Jack and I then went to a Holiday High School Basketball Tournament.
Here's my question. Is your high school playing in a holiday tournament? I think you can tell how good the team is by how far they travel to play in the tournament. If they head out of state, like the girl's basketball team of Edison High who are in Port Lucie, Florida then you know that you have a good team. If they stay close to home, maybe not so good.

Basketball Update: Hayfield is playing for the championship in the Mount Vernon Boys Holiday Tournament. Go Hayfield! Go Hawks! (We have followed Hayfield Boys Basketball since 1991 when Jenn was an athletic trainer at Hayfield.)

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