Sunday, December 2, 2007

Memories of Aunt Corrinne

Aunt Corrinne was quite an independent spirit and fearless lady. She was the only woman I know who drove across country from Missouri to Arizona by herself with two preschool grand kids when she was in her 60's. Another time she drove alone to Washington D.C. from Missouri to visit her daughter, Vickie.

Aunt Corrine grew up on a Missouri farm and moved to Kansas City as a young woman to be a business woman. At one time she ran a restaurant in downtown Kansas City. Later she became a key punch operator for a Kansas City company. (Pre computer business practice)

She finally retired at the age of 65 but remained active in the following roles: widow, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I will always remember her as a courageous woman who had a southern bent for hospitality and food. No one ever went away hungry from Aunt Corrinne's home. She prepared pounds and pounds of candy for relatives, co-workers and neighbors at Christmas time. Her favorite homemade candies were peanut brittle and divinity.

Jack has many fond memories of his Mom's older sister. Life was never dull with Aunt Corrinne around. She had a way of starting home projects and getting everybody involved in these projects. Even this fall she was supervising a remodeling project on her house!

My two daughters dearly loved Aunt Corrinne for she had a way of speaking her mind no matter what and Jennifer and Jeanine found this very refreshing. It was during a late October visit in 2002 that she showed both my daughters how to crochet. And could she crochet! Even though she was legally blind she could turn out crocheted afghans like no body's mother. While I was fixing supper each evening she along with Aunt Judy would sit by the fire crocheting and drinking bourbon and water. Now that's a southern dame! And she could even show Aunt Judy a new crochet stitch or two.

I will always remember Aunt Corrinne's beauty and style. She had the most beautiful grey hair and blue eyes. And she was not afraid to wear high heels as she grew older. I can still picture Aunt Corrinne in her new three inch high heels at Jennifer's high school graduation. My niece's husband, Guy Celeste, had to help navigate Aunt Corrinne from the high bleachers in the gym and thru the crowded hallways that day. She looked like a grand lady from the 1950's in her dress and heels. During her 2002 trip to Virginia Aunt Corrinne and Aunt Judy did the Washington D.C. tourist circuit from the Capital to the Smithsonian to Arlington Cemetery to Mount Vernon and to Monticello. She refused to use a wheel chair anywhere we went until the final day at at Mount Vernon. After a week of sightseeing she finally did admit that she was just a little tired so maybe she would sit in the wheelchair for a little ride down to Washington's grave at Mount Vernon. At the time she was 84 years old!

Oh, how we will miss Aunt Corrinne. And God better get ready for a heavenly home project or two or a new crochet group!

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Jenn K said...

Aunt Corrinne was an incredible woman and I will miss her so much. I only hope that I will live my life as vibrantly as her.