Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eric Carle Children's Books

What is your favorite Eric Carle children's book? I love them all and always introduced the kindergarten students to his books when they came to my library for their weekly visit. I just got a new Eric Carle book from my Okinawa buddies Betsy and Jerry Plunkett who visited us in August. Thank you Betsy and Jerry. I know little Jack Aidan will like this book. He is crazy about Nemo and all sea creatures. And I have always been fascinated with just the name Seahorse. It seems so illogical and strange!

Hope everyone has a swimmingly good weekend. We might get some rain here in Virginia. We still need it badly.


Denise said...

I haven't read any children's books in a long time. Used to love reading them to Brad when he was little, and always loved the illustrations of the various stories. This one looks a neat little book. Makes me want to browse through the children's section at the book store again.

Anonymous said...

I am being introduced to some new books as my granddaughter reads them aloud to me and Patty. I don't know the titles but it seems to me they are more adult than children these days.

Jack and Joann said...

I want to add this link to Eric Carle's work: