Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Eliza Did It Again!

Little Eliza Did It Again!
Just take a look at this little cutie patootie. She's my Godson's youngest child and she has been crowned the miniature queen of the Applefest in Ohio. Eliza is just four years old. Last year when she was just three years old she was crowned miniature queen of the Shelby County Fair in Ohio. I've picked up on the fact that Ohio loves these miniature queens. Every festival and every homecoming and every prom seems to have both the adult queen and miniature queen. Eliza's mother Connie wrote in her email to me that there were seventeen contestants ages 4-6 vying for this honor and every little girl was cuter than a button. But everyone except Eliza wore a fancy apple inspired frock for the competition showcasing apples. Eliza wore an apple sun top with a pair of capri jeans that her mother must have decorated with apple themes. Eliza pulled a little red wagon filled with apples, applesauce, and other apple related items. Eliza really looked like a little country girl in her outfit and bright yellow shoes.
Little Miss Apple of My Eye
September 9, 2009
Eliza Gariety
Daughter of Greg and Connie Gariety of Russia, Ohio

Saturday Eliza will take part in a wreath laying ceremony for 9/11 in Sidney, Ohio at the Shelby County Courthouse and on Sunday she will be a part of the Applefest Parade in downtown Sidney. If you want to learn more about Shelby County's Applefest or if you want to attend it, just click here for more info:
One thing you will learn is that residents of Shelby County consider themselves as American as apple pie.


DragonQuilter said...

So adorable!!And I love the jeans!!

Patty said...

She's a real cutie, and the older girl with her, looks enough like her to be her sister.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Eliza is such a cutie pie.