Saturday, October 24, 2009

Collected Menu - Versailles, Ohio 2005

If you live in southwestern Ohio, make a promise to go to Versailles, Ohio near Russia, Ohio to enjoy a meal at the Versailles Inn. This Inn is located on Main Street in Versailles and it used to be the corner drugstore. I used to walk by this building every summer day when I was working at the Egg Auction down the street by the railroad tracks. What a surprise to learn that in later years the building was bought and turned into an inn complete with dining room.

When Nancy Reagon was first lady she used to go to the Inn in Clifton, Virginia with George Will. After I went to the Versailles Inn I realized that this place could run rings around the Inn in Clifton. The managers had made a trip to the Alsace region of France to find authentic French furniture to furnish this inn. It is a beautiful place in southwestern Ohio. Go there if you get a chance.

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