Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Tammy Celeste

Happy Birthday Tammy Thobe Celeste!
You were born October 2, 1964 near Russia, Ohio.
This photo was taken the summer of 1965.
You are in Grandpa Gariety's swing with your young Mom and Dad.
Here you are in Grandpa Gariety's family room sitting in your Grandma's rocker.
You had the reddest hair and the biggest blue eyes. You were a doll baby for sure.
Now look at this '60's era room complete with paneled walls, modern furniture, one of the very first color TVs made by Motorola and the view of Grandpa Gariety's woods through the picture window.
As you grew bigger you got cuter and cuter.
This was Christmas 1966 in the brick ranch house Grandpa Gariety had built.

Here you are with your family on your wedding day in Pittsburg, PA.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Celeste surrounded by the Thobe Family: Jerry, Mary, Tracy and Tina. Everyone looked thrilled to welcome an Italian to the family clan.
I think at the wedding reception your first dance was to an Italian love song.

Here is another wonderful occasion in your life.
The day little Christina, your adopted daughter from Moscow, Russia got baptised.
She may be Russian but she sure looks and acts Italian to me.

And this is your pride and joy today. The Italian Restaurant that you and Guy run so well in old town Monaca, PA.
I wonder what your special will be today?
Italian birthday cake?

Tammy, you created a really warm atmosphere in the dining room.
Jack in red is stuffing himself with lots of Italian food while talking with your husband Guy.

Ahh, yes, bring on the brushetta!
Tammy I hope you have a wonderful birthday with Guy and Christina.
Note: Blog readers, it is worth a trip to downtown Monaca, PA to eat at Pacentros Restaurant.
That's right. The restaurant name is Pacentros.
Tell them Joann and Jack sent you there for some great Italian food.


SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! I enjoyed this post. So much love.

The 60s were so modern! I wonder if we'll ever catch up with that look again.

Lew said...

Happy Birthday from me, too! something we share, we both have daughters who just turned 45!