Monday, October 26, 2009

Jack Aidan Explores Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing

Jack Aidan's True Story About Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing
Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Gigi and I went to Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing. Each place has lots of water and lots of shops, shows and places to play and eat.
There are lots of wooden bridges to cross. These made my stroller that Grandpa is pushing go bump a dee bump.
Guess what? The Christmas Tree was up at Broadway at the Beach and decorated but not lit yet.
Aunt Gigi wanted to be Miss Liberty.
She's holding up her coffee cup.
Silly Aunt Gigi!
Her real name is Jeanine.
That's too French for me.
I can't pronounce it so I call her Aunt Gigi.

I checked out that torch Miss Liberty is holding.
I guess the real one in New York City harbor is really big.
Grandma said my Great Aunt Mary Ellen and Great Uncle Jerry went all the way up in
The Statue of Liberty this September. Wow! I hope they didn't get stuck up in her head.

Grandpa and I had fun putting quarters into the little jukebox in the booth at Johnny Rockets.
I also became the official napkin distributor for our booth. See how I pull them out here.

I got to ride the merry go round with Mommy and Aunt Gigi at Barefoot Landing.
Round and round we go.
Where she stops nobody knows.

Grandma said smile for the camera but I was too busy holding on to the pole.
I didn't know Harry Potter shops at Broadway at the Beach.
My Mom and Dad have read all the books so I know about Magic Wands and stuff.
But it really is all just make believe like fairy tales.
So I don't get scared.
I caught Grandma sitting and rocking in one of these chairs.
She jumped up when I wanted to take her pictures.
Wow! There's a pirate in a ship on top of this restaurant!
I don't want to grow up and be a pirate. I don't even want to wear pirate clothes.
In my next blog post I'll show you what Grandpa and Mommy tried to do to me to make me a little pirate for Halloween. Scarry!
This was my favorite place at Broadway at the Beach.
The big playground with the neat slide.
Now look at this.
Aunt Gigi just had to take a photo of the Kiss coffee cup.
I don't know why. And who or what is Kiss? Beats me.
I think they are just a bunch of old fellows.
There was a big green frog on top of this building.
It wasn't Kermit the Frog.
It was Senor Frog. He must be Kermit's Mexican cousin.
I got to feed the ducks and the fish from the bridges at both Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing.
What fun.
The ducks and fish were fighting over my food.
Silly ducks and fish. Mommy says you need to share.
The End

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