Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skywatch Friday = ?????????

Skywatch Friday
October 16, 2009

Can you guess where we are under brilliant blue skies?

There is a rosy red barn sporting a gigantic sunflower.
Little folks come wearing their brand new Halloween costumes.This little boy was dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things Are and his long black tail was eye catching to both us and to himself. As he was walking along to the entrance with his Mom he kept looking over his shoulder to check on his furry tail that was dragging the ground. This little boy is one of Jack Aidan's playmates and his name is Christopher. By the way Christopher's Dad sewed up this Halloween costume. Go Dad!
Again where are we?

We are at the most famous place in northern Virginia in the fall---Cox's Farms. Every day from the middle of September to the end of the first week in November school buses with kids and family vans with kids and charter buses with kids come to this place to experience farm life in the fall. Of course one of the main attractions is the big field of orange pumpkins and the corn stalks.
Grandpa and Grandma caught up with our daughter Jennifer and grandson little Jack who was in his railroad engineer's outfit. I must admit that for a moment I thought it was a prison uniform! Oh no! He is in the cell house now! It would have looked more like a railroad engineer's costume if Jack had kept on his cap but he wasn't haven't anything to do with that cap.
We watched the singing milkman milk a Holstein cow both by hand and with an electric milker. Then we got to go up and pet the cow.
Here are the backside views of two more two year olds from Jack's play group. The boy chose to be a bumble bee with a little black bee tail and the girl chose to be a fluffy and feminine white cat with a pink tail. Now how cute is that. These two were checking out the bunnies and chicks.

And here are the three little pigs. Our little children held their noses and yelled "They stink!"
But those piglets were happily eating by the pig trough and wiggling their curly tails in delight. As my father would say "They were having a great hog tea."
And here is a momma pig (sow) nursing one of her piglets while just snoring away. One of the play group moms remarked that it truly is a crying shame that human mommas can't nurse and sleep at the same time. LOL!

There were lots of pumpkins, gourds and straw for exploring as well as moon bounces for bouncing, slides for sliding and very spooky hayrides to take through the fields.

After all the above fun and a light picnic lunch the kids danced to some country music. Our Jack Aidan took a liking to a little girl in an orange outfit who was cuter than a pumpkin and Jack steered her around the dance floor leading the way the whole time. At two years and three months Jack Aidan had his very first slow dance with a girl! I think Jennifer must have him watching Dancing With The Stars.

Well that's it for this October Skywatch Friday. Please go visit some more Skywatch Friday memes by clicking here:


Barb said...

Great autumn trip to Cox Farm. Loved the children's costumes.

LV said...

What a fun place for kids as well as adults. Glad you shared a nice family outing.

Japa said...

That's a fun trip. Interesting photos, too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Neat post and great skies above the farm. I liked the costume.

SandyCarlson said...

What a gorgeous day out. That's quite a nice farm.

Eric said...

Look like a great place overthere, well done!!

Have a nice SWF.

Eric, Holland

Anonymous said...

What a fun Sky Watch Friday post... Looks like you all had such a great time!

Happy Weekend

Erin said...

how sweet is very sweet and his smile, oh my goodness. he's going to definitely be a little charmer.
have a great weekend.