Monday, October 26, 2009

Low Country Cuisine = Seafood Plus Chicken

South Carolina and Georgia is known for its southern cooking and seafood. Paula Dean is down in Savannah, GA across the border from SC. Pat Conroy, the author, has a restauran by Hilton Head Island, SC. Myrtle Beach has dozens of all you can eat seafood buffets. We went to Crabby Mikes for some really great seafood. But for the most part I will remember this trip as the Chick-filet Vacation. Why? Because this is a clean and bright restaurant chain that has an attached indoor playground for kids to use and let off steam. I think we hit every one of these from Virginia to S.C. on this trip so that little Jack Aidan could stretch his legs.

While Jack Aidan played Grandma captured some of the fresh fall flowers that were on all the tables of this restaurant.

Here's another snap. I think those are spider mums.
Here's the sign by the entrance to the play area.
Here's big Jack keeping an eye on little Jack who is around the corner.
Here's our little guy pushing buttons and listening to the animals. You must remove your shoes when you enter the play area. Each play area has a slide. Our little Jack can go up and down by himself on the slide.


Flowers said...

I like chicken very much then sea food. The shots of fresh fall flower looks pretty. All the pictures on your blog looks perfect. keep it up the good work.

serline said...

I love buffets. So we always eat at the same place every weekend as there is a play area which each of us takes turn to eat and keep the baby company.