Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Mourning Dove Morning

We looked out the window the other day and noticed that a flock of mourning doves had landed on the patio furniture to watch the water show (our automated sprinkler system).
I am very fond of mourning doves. To me they seem like the Mother Teresa's of the bird world. They walk quietly and deliberately. They fly like helicopters making a whirling sound. Best of all when they see you they are not frightened but look you straight in the eye. When the bird feeders are empty they stare at us in the breakfast room until Jack feels guilty and goes out to fill the feeders. It is like they are saying this to us: "We are patiently waiting for food. We know you are in there. Please take a moment and fill the feeders. We are hungry this morning."

These birds make nice neighbors. They are welcome to use our lawn furniture for relaxing.
Want to join them? Well, come on over to our house


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Cool capture of the doves. They seem to be enjoying the day.

Patty said...

Perhaps they were waiting for breakfast.

ChrisJ said...

Keep watching those doves when the sprinklers are on. I caught some of ours lifting their wings beautifully like angel wings, to get the cooling spray underneath. Sadly no camera handy.