Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding in Russia, Ohio - Part I

Wedding in Russia, Ohio
Part I
Wedding Ceremony Uniting
Amanda Lee Monnin
Matthew John Hoying
In the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
September 26, 2009
St. Remy Catholic Church
Russia, Ohio
These wedding photos record the wedding of my Goddaughter's oldest daughter, Amanda Lee Monnin. My Goddaughter is Darlene Gariety Monnin who is the youngest child of my late brother Paul Gariety.
Jack and I didn't journey back to Ohio for the wedding but have been kept abreast of this happy occasion by many of my Ohio relatives and we have recently received these photos from the bride's proud Mother. I must add that you do begin to realize that you are growing older when your Goddaughter's daughter is in her twenties and old enough to get married! I was told that this was a beautiful wedding with a packed church for both the bride and groom are from Russia, Ohio. So take a look and enjoy.

Now wasn't that lovely!
Tomorrow Part II of Wedding in Russia, Ohio:
The Wedding Reception

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