Monday, March 22, 2010

Jeanine's Condo Is Getting Built

Jeanine hopes to close on her brand new condo before the end of June. Jack and I are very excited for our daughter. This is a beautiful condo and it will be a good commute for Jeanine's job in Washington D.C. I just love the all stainless steel kitchen with maple cabinets and granite countertops!

Jeanine's condo will be on the top two floors right behind the red truck.
Since it will be on the top two floors it will be a much bigger unit. Aroud 2200 sq. feet which is more than some single family homes.

I will post more pics of the model condo later. This pic was taken in early February. Now look below to see how the condo is coming along.

Brick is being added and the windows and doors are now in the building. This is the front. In the back will be the garage.

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