Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My World Tuesday = Historic Woodlawn Plantation

My World Tuesday = Historic Woodlawn Plantation
Across The Road From George Washington's Mount Vernon
Folks, when you go to Mount Vernon enjoy the tour of the home, grounds, and museum.
My favorite part of the tour is the view of the Potomac River from the home.
But listen up.
When you leave Mount Vernon go across highway #1 to Woodlawn Plantation
which also belonged to George Washington.
It is so beautiful.
It is a gorgeous red brick Georgian style home.
In 1983 I made sure my niece Diane Gariety Siegrist and her husband Ron Siegrist got to see
this beautiful mansion. Diane and Ron are pictured here with my two daughters Jennifer and Jeanine.
One time Jack and I and the girls were going down highway #1 and we noticed a gov't helicopter
had landed at Woodlawn and we noticed a slew of cars parked on the lawn. The next day we read in the Washington Post that President Ronald Reagan had given his wife Nancy a birthday partyat Woodlawn Plantation. I believe Nancy Reagan's birthday is in July so this garden party must have taken place in July.
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Joann: What a neat place, I would like to see more.