Monday, March 22, 2010

Route 66 and The Taylor Swift Tour

Last Wednesday Jack had his NARFE meeting in Manassas and as we headed east on interstate #66 we kept passing all these beer trucks making deliveries for the St. Paddy's Day green beer drinking crowd. Jack commented that it seems like the beer trucks should have been making their deliveries earlier in the week because some people start drinking green beer on St. Paddy's Day as soon as they finish their morning coffee!

So as we are rolling along we see one then two very colorful semis pass us. Wow, those are fancy beer trucks. Wait! Those aren't fancy beer trucks. Those are entertainer Taylor Swift's concert tour trucks. The trucks were heading northeast from concerts given in Texas to concerts in Philadelphia, PA and then on to concerts in Charlottesville, VA. After those concerts the semis were taking Taylor Swift's equipment to Detroit, Michigan. You go girl!

Here's a website on Taylor Swift:

The girl is cute and she can sing!

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