Monday, March 29, 2010

My World Tuesday = Jefferson's Poplar Forest

My World Tuesday = Jefferson's Poplar Forest
His Vacation Home down south in Bedford County

When Thomas Jefferson tired of all the guests who came to see him at Monticello outside of Charlottesville, VA he would head south to the vacation retreat home he designed and built in Bedford County Virginia. Jack and I toured it in the summer of 2003.

Here is Jack waiting at the entrance for the tour guide to usher us into the home.

And here is the tour brochure the guide gave to us after we entered the home.

Popular Forest is an octogonal house. It looks very much like a minature Monticello.

This is the very old boxwood garden that Thomas Jefferson had planted at Popular Forest.
Well that is our Virginia house tour for this Tuesday. Now please go visit some more My World Tuesday memes by just clicking here:


noel said...


thanks for sharing a little bit about your world today, thats a very beautiful scene of the home, was there a reason jefferson was attracted to octagonal design? i wonder why the boxwood is just grouped in a big clump instead of a more formal design?

SandyCarlson said...

Jefferson was quite the genius. His retreat is lovely. I wonder about the inside. I will have to try to get there sometime. I swear I can smell that boxwood!

Denise said...

Great post Joann. We visited the WWII in Bedford a few years back but never knew about Jefferson's retreat.

Riet said...

It is so interesting to see all these different places in the world

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Anonymous said...

Is there any rhyme or reason for the boxwood garden. Was it a place to keep boxwood to replace those that might die? I have a lot of boxwood but try to keep there here and there, separated.