Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Bookclub Book

Teresa hosted our March bookclub meeting and the book she chose was Doug Wead's All The President's Children. Teresa invited Doug Wead and his wife to join our reading group since Doug and his wife live just down the road from our golf community in another gold community on route #15 called Dominion Valley.

Although the book covers all the children of all the presidents we spent the night mainly discussing the Bushes since Dour Wead worked for the Bushes in the White House. I personally came away from the meeting with the impression that President George W. Bush started the Iraq War in 2003 to avenge Saddam Hussein's family for the reported death threats against the Bush family. One interesting fact that Doug Wead told us is that when Udday Hussein's castle in Iraq was taken over by American forces they found a "porno room" complete with posters of the Bush twins pictures hanging on the wall. Very interesting. Huh.

Doug Wead has written a second book on the parents of the U.S. presidents and plans to write and publish a third book on the siblings of the U.S. presidents. Should be interesting historical reading.

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