Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Paddy's Day and Green Beer Memories

Last Wednesday Jack and I quit working early in the yard to go out to our local pub called The Lion and Bull for a St. Paddy's Day meal and for some green beer. Whenever I think of green beer I think of being a student at Miami University and going uptown to the bars where if you were 21 you could order a green beer. And if you were under 21 you were out of luck at the bars. And yes, on Good Friday these same bars would serve red beer for the sheding of Jesus's blood.
I could understand the green beer but the red beer just grossed me out. I wonder if the bars in Oxford, Ohio at Miami University still have this red beer tradition.
Jack's Irish meal: corn beef and cabbage and sauteed potatoes. Joann's Irish meal not pictured but it was: bangers and mash with gravy plus some very very green steamed broccoli.

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