Thursday, March 4, 2010

Skywatch Friday = 30 Minute Hawk Encounter

Skywatch Friday = 30 Minute Hawk Encounter
Our skies look like this but the big excitement for this week was my 30 minute hawk encounter. Look below.

From my breakfast room window I saw this hawk acting like a jumping jack. Literally. He would
land on the holly bush and sit and look and listen. Then he would fly straight up in the air faster
than a speeding bullet and land on the other side of the bush. I watched him for about twenty
minutes from the breakfast room window doing these wild sky dives and then I moved here to watch him from my dining room window. I even had time to make two videos that I might upload

Here he has again landed on the holly bush. He was determined to get the little bird that was hiding inside the holly bush.

He did take a few breaks. Probably to consider whether to continue on with this elusive bird hunt. In the meantime up on the main roof of the house I could hear a dozen little birds like finches and wrens and chicadees chirping beat the band. I think they were chirping encouragement and instructions to the poor little bird stuck hiding in the holly bush. And I guess they thought that they were safe from the hawk since they were high up on the roof gutter.
Isn't nature fascinating!
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Wanda said...

What striking photos!! Good Sky Watch Friday.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Just wonderful, is it a Coopers Hawk?