Friday, May 21, 2010

Brave Bluebird Hanging Out With The Big Birds

Brave Bluebird Hanging Out With The Big Birds

I saw this fellow on the bird feeder post where the big birds like grackles, cardinals, and red shouldered blackbirds hang out. I think he was brave. Jack and I heard a bird man speak on Wednesday and I have learned lots of new things about birds. I'll write about birds for Saturday's blog. Got to run now. I have company coming for lunch from PA. I hope they like quiche, salads and a Wegman's fruit tart.


ChrisJ said...

Beautiful blue bird. I have to go and look for some. They just don't come to our part of town. Perhaps too close to the coast.

Denise said...

What a lovely little bird. I haven't seen him in my garden yet. Hope to one day :) Your luncheon for friends sounds lovely! I've looked at those fruit tarts at Wegman's and often thought of buying one. Next get-together I think I will.