Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Cousins to Graduate in Russia and Bradford

First Cousins to Graduate in Russia, Ohio and Bradford, Ohio
Marissa Wirrig in Bradford High School Orange
Brooke Gariety in Russia Local High School Gold
Both are the Granddaughters of My Brother Carl Gariety and
His Wife Esther Leugers Gariety.
Brooke Graduates This Afternoon at Russia Local High School.
Marissa Graduates This Saturday From Bradford High School.
In Addition Marissa's Boyfriend Graduates This Afternoon
From Ansonia High School Which is Where Grandma Esther Gariety Graduated.
Now Get This
Both Girls Will Go To Edison Community College This Fall.
Both Girls Will Take Courses to be an Assistant Physical Therapist.
Both Girls Will Have Three Classes Together at Edison.
Shall We Just Call Them Kissing Cousins.

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