Monday, May 17, 2010

Hayfield Secondary School

Hayfield Secondary School
Fairfax County
Our daughters attended this school for grades 7-12.

The school opened in January of 1969 and was renovated around 2002.

When you enter the front doors you are greeted by this sign and soaring hawk.
When our daughters attended this school it was a big, big school with over

4000 students in grades 7-12.

This a view of the entrance to the big football stadium that is now named after J. Victor Lutz who was the head principal when our daughters attended school there. Mr. Lutz was a very nice man.

This is a view of the Hayfield School program auditorium. This is still the biggest school auditorium in all of Fairfax County's 25 high schools. The Cappies spring event used to be held here in June because the auditorium could hold so many people. Now the Cappies spring event is held at the famous Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. We came the other weekend to see Hayfield's Cappies production of Curtains which is a play within a play complete with three murders. This is Hayfield's orchestra pit and yes, this orchestra pit actually raises and lowers the musicians.

Final Comment
Hayfield will be getting a new principal in July. Dr. Oehrlein who became principal after Mr. Lutz has been at the school as principal since June of 2004. At that time Hayfield still had a tremendous student population--over 4000 students and over 57 trailers filling the school yards.

Now Hayfield is a much smaller high school because the South County High School was built in Lorton, VA. I always enjoyed the fact that many of the students from Franconia Elementary where I was the school librarian for 14 years went on to attend Hayfield. Those that didn't went on to attend Edison High School on Franconia Road near Springfield Mall.

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