Monday, May 10, 2010

Lunch in Occoquan, VA on Thursday

Lunch in Occoquan, VA on Thursday
This mannequin looked so real.
She was an advertisement for the Cock and Bowl Restaurant in Occoquan.
In Occoquan they have a restaurant for dogs.

The main drag in Occoquan has lots and lots of shops that appeal to
the ladies out for lunch crowd.

This is Occoquan's city hall.

These are some very new townhouses in Occoquan.
They look like something from San Francisco and the starting price a couple of years ago
was an amazing $750,000!
Here's a side view of one of the townhouses from the restaurant
that we ate in last Thursday.

One reason the townhouses are so expensive is that they are right on the Occoquan river
that separates Fairfax County from Prince William County
The Occoquan River is a tributary of the famous Potomac River of Washington D.C.
And the Potomac River separates much of Northern VA from Maryland.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Looks like a neat community.

Melinda said...

love the look of those houses! BUT THE PRICE! WOW!