Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phil and Mary's Visit

This past Friday we had company. Phil and Mary Davis from Gettysburg, PA drove down #15 to visit us. After the house tour, lunch and Jack Aidan's water performance we took Phil and Mary out to visit some wineries. These pics were taken at Barrel Oak Winery in Fauquier County. It is straight west of us in the little town of Delaplane where Willard Scott of NBC fame has a home. In the pic above Mary, Phil and Jack are sampling some white wines while I am taking their picture with my camera.
A nice lady in a yellow pantsuit who told me that she was from Venice offered to take a picture of the four of us with my camera so I let her do so. (Hmmmmm Venice,Italy or Venice, LA where the oil spill is being monitored? I forgot to ask her.)
Anyway we all smiled and said "Cheese". Phil and Jack were single army auditors in Frankfurt, Germany. When Jack and I tied the knot in 1974 Phil gave me a strong scotch and water before the ceremony to calm my nerves. He was also my wedding chauffeur to the army chapel and Jack and my chauffeur to the officer's club in Frankfurt for the wedding reception. Phil drove us in his Volvo. Phil found Mary after he returned from Germany. Mary also worked as an auditor for army audit for four years. She worked in the eastern district under Mike DiFulgo.

Mary Davis only drinks white wine so when we started sampling the red wines Mary started exploring the two story winery. Look at these beautiful roses that decorated one of the tables.

I just had to point out to Mary that these dips and jellies by Robert Rothchild are from Urbana, Ohio which is not too far from Russia, Ohio.
Another pic of Jack, Phil and Mary at the bar of the winery.

Now look below.This winery likes dogs. You may bring your dogs as long as they are on a leash. Here the man behind the counter is refilling the dogs' water bowl. How nice. Phil liked this idea. Phil has two Labrador retrievers and I could just see the wheels turning in Phil's head---like, hmmmmm this would be a good place for my dogs to drink water while I drink wine.
Also, take note of the bar that the owners made themselves for this winery. They used old barn siding and the staves from old wine barrels. The top of the bar is a sheet of steel that the owners took a sanding device to in order to create beautiful circles in the steel. The resulting steel top looks pretty and feels nice and is easy to wipe down.
Outside on the large patio that overlooks the blue ridge mountains I found this darling puppy dog. By the way, Barrel Oak decorates some of its wine bottles with paw prints and they have a "bow red wine" and a "bow white wine."

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