Monday, May 24, 2010

Good News-June Closing On Jeanine's Condo

Good News
June Closing On Jeanine's Condo
The Back Balcony Is Completed.
See Above and Below.

The Kitchen Cabinets Are Installed As Well As The Granite Countertops.
Just Need The Appliances.

The Water Is On.

The Lights Are On.

All The Molding Is Installed.

The Wood Laminate Floors Are Down.
The Ceramic Tile Is Down.

The Carpeting Is In The Three Bedrooms and Loft and On The Stairs.

The Two Bathrooms Have Tubs, Wall Tiles And Hardware.

The Sinks Are In And Working.

The Potties In The Bathrooms and PowderRoom Are Installed.
(That's Very Important!)

The One Car Garage Is Cleaned Out

The Landscaping Is Going In Now.
See Above and Below.
Hurrah, The Condo Is Almost Ready!


Melinda said...

wow they have made tremendous progress in a short time!

ChrisJ said...

Wow! That looks like a great place to live. The kitchen cabinets are the same as mine. I like the front view -- excluding the rubbish of course --It's very stylish.