Monday, May 12, 2008

American University Commencement 2008

American University was chartered by an Act of Congress in 1893 and was founded under the auspices of the United Methodist Church. Today it is an independent coeducational university with more than 12,000 students. The campus is in northwest Washington D.C. at 4400 Massachusetts Avenue.

Click on the photos to see more clearly. (We were in the nosebleed section of the basketball arena.) You can see the MacMillan Scottish Pipe Band in one photo and our daughter Jeanine shaking AU President Kerwin's hand up on the commencement platform in another. Plus glimpse what people in Jeanine's cohort attached to the top of their graduation caps.


Wanda said...

What a marvelous group of photos. I love the feeling of pride and celebration ~~~ Yeah!

fishing guy said...

J&J: Very nicely done and I'm sure you will have so many wet memories to cherish.