Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Jack's Resume

Jack Aidan take that toy out of your mouth and tell us what you have learned this past week. Say I have finally learned how to crawl and I have discovered that I have a tongue.
Mommy Karras was so helpful to you that you had absolutely no need to crawl to anything because she was your delivery person who brought everything to you. And since you hated tummy time she never put you on your tummy. Grandma on the other hand thought a little tummy time was needed even if you were not crazy about the idea so you finally learned how to get up on your hands and knees to rock and push yourself backwards. Well reverse motion is better than no motion. You even learned to go in a circle in that fashion. Then your Daddy got involved in the crawling process and decided to tempt you to get up on your hands and knees and move forwards. He used that old Pavlov's dog trick and enticed you with food. He put your very favorite brand of baby cookie in front of your face and let you see it, smell it and hunger for it. Well, lo and behold, you got up on your hands and knees and headed straight to the cookie using forward motion all the way. And it is amazing what you can accomplish in one week. Yesterday you came to Grandma's house and crawled all over her family room carpet. What a thrill for Grandma. Now we all need to baby proof our homes. There is a baby on the loose!
And this past Tuesday when Grandma was at your house she thought you were gagging on something because you sat real still with your little tongue going in and out of your mouth. When I asked if you were OK or choking on something, your mommy replied that you were just discovering another body part. And sure enough we had fun watching you stick out your tongue and lower your eyes to see it. Pretty soon everyone was making like a monkey and sticking out their tongues too. What a hoot! You would watch us do it and then you would do it. Next thing we had you going la la la la with your tongue wagging in the air. Your resume can now say crawls and wags tongue and makes people smile.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: Grandkids are so much funnnnnnnnnnn.