Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Are Soaked!

We are soaked but not with money but with rain. Sunday Dulles Airport got seven inches of rain and that's on top of four more inches of rain last week. We exited the Bender Arena at AU with driving rain pelting us and we were soaked by the time we reached our car in the parking lot. And yes, we had a difficult time driving home from the graduation Sunday night. Water lying deep in the roads and rain coming down hard. It took us almost two hours to go 45 miles. When we turned to go into our community we noticed that Carolina Road to Haymarket was blocked with flares because of high water across the road. We learned that state route #15 was totally shut down between north Haymarket and Leesburg, VA. Last night the local TV media reported on road closings, power outages, sinkholes, toppled trees, etc. And one home in McLean, VA was condemned because the foundation shifted because of the rain. Today we are due for even more rain. I swear our world's weather is getting violent and extreme. I have lived in Virginia for over 28 years and I can never remember so much rain in so short a period of time. Last night the media said that we broke a record here---the most rain in May in 60 years! And this is only May 13'th. Hmmmm---is it time to build a new ark?

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fishing guy said...

J&J: There was only one ark required so don't even try. LOL Sorry you are getting blasted with the rain. We had frost this morning.

BTW: The Cavs evened the series and we will see if they can win one in Boston.