Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kentucky Derby Is Here Once Again

Once a year Jack and I have a mint julep. We sip our mint julep while watching The Kentucky Derby. Last year I believe Queen Elizabeth was in attendance at the derby. I always get a kick out of the ladies in the wide brimmed hats and the men in suits and ties. Of course there is a different look in the infield where the college students hang out in shorts and t-shirts and act like they are at a Friday night fraternity party. I always wonder about who is having more fun at the event. And I always wonder about how much money is dropped at the betting windows. For me the best part is watching the parade of horses and the University of Louisville college band play My Old Kentucky Home.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: I don't know about the Kentucky Derby with the terrible lose of a horse today.

I want to talk of the terrible lose of the Wiz's last night. All that trash talk finally caught up with them and the Cav's taught them a lesson.