Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prologue to the Story

It was a dark and stormy night. No, wrong beginning sentence. It was a light and sunny day. I was at Harbor Place in Baltimore in July of 1986 with four little girls in tow. Monica and Rusty Schultz had flown all by themselves from St. Louis, MO to spend a week with their first cousins, Jennifer and Jeanine Shipley in Virginia. At the time Jennifer was 10, Monica was 8, Rusty was 7 and Jeanine was 6. Jack and I thought that the two older cousins would hang out together and the two younger cousins would hang out together. Well, what did we know about the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test back then. Not enough to know that you don't put an introvert with an extrovert. So bedroom roommates quickly changed. Jennifer and Rusty, the two introverts, did their thing together while Monica and Rusty, the two extroverts, did their thing together. Midway through the visit we packed up the car with little girls and headed to Baltimore, MD to the Inner Harbor to see the National Aquarium and the shops and tourist sights surrounding it. While there we succumbed to buying the girls teddy bears and matching big and baggy tshirts. The girls proceeded to put on the big and baggy tshirts over their shorts and tops. Then we had to stop and pose for a photo for Mom and Dad Schultz back in Jefferson City, MO. That is the prologue to this story. Now let's skip to the end of the story. Today Jennifer, Monica, Rusty and Jeanine are all grown and have flown away to lives of their own. But all four have something in common. All four went to good colleges and earned both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree. But one of these four little girls went even further academically. She got her Doctor's degree in psychology this past weekend. Make a guess as to which one it was. I'll tell you in my next blog posting when I tell you the story.


Anonymous said...

Looks like everything had a good time.

fishing guy said...

J&J: I'll guess Rusty got the Doctorate. Nice looking girls.