Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Botannical Play Act 2, Scene 2

Every good story or play needs some tension. Well, we have tension big time today. The deer have returned and destroyed the beautiful soft lilac blooms on all my blooming hosta and have stripped the buds off most of the remaining hosta. See the two photos. Last night Jack and I ate dinner on the patio. We grilled hotdogs and had baked beans and fresh tomato salad with a glass of red wine while admiring all the hosta in bloom by the patio wall. Good thing we enjoyed it last night because in the wee hours of the morning the deer finished their golf game and headed to our club house for a little snack of hosta blossoms. So there is tension big time today. Shall I have Jack put down more deer repellant today or go to the bathroom outside today. These are suppose to be two good ways to deter deer from eating your flowers. Watch Act 2, Scene 3 to see how the plot thickens between Jack, Joann and Bambi and his golf course friends.


Wanda said...

I always enjoy your posts and the beauty you share ~~~ but I also enjoy your comments on Abe Lincoln's post.

He is quite the story teller!!

fishing guy said...

J&J: My wife doesn't like these Hostas blossoms and has me trim them back. There are only two that are allowed to grow. The deer wouldn't bother me.