Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Birthday Party in Neighborhood

Sunday night at six the neighbors headed to Dickie's patio with food, wine and gifts. Jack and I headed over too because we had been told that it was a surprise birthday celebration for Dickie's husband Scott. Well, little did I know that it was also a surprise birthday celebration for yours truly! What a nice summer evening we all had at Dickie and Scott's house! Thank you neighbors for making this a special birthday celebration for both Scott and I. By the way Scott's birthday is on June 2 and mine is on June 5. I won't give our ages. I will just say for myself that I was born the day before D-Day actually occurred. So if you want to know my age, go find your history book.


Anonymous said...

It does look like everyone had a good time and what a surprise it must have been.

fishing guy said...

Joan: What a great double surprise party. Happy birthday Joan. I'm sure Jack was in on the party.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. And what a nice surprise for the two of you.
Happy Birthday early Joann.