Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diabetic Workshop

For the last three weeks Jack and I have been attending weekly sessions on diabetes at the Prince William Hospital in Manasas. Jack was diagnosed with diabetes in December of 1983 and in January of 1984 Jack and I attended our first diabetic workshop. First of all, why we have waited so long for attending the second I don't know but we are back and learning many new things. And like anything else in the medical field we know that you have to play the devil's advocate to get good treatment and results. Spouses play a big role in diabetes management because of the diet concerns and the exercise/movement component of this disease. Jack began taking insulin shots in January of 1990 and now takes four shots a day. We have learned a lot over the years but we definately have much room for improvement. Over the years as you get older you tend to give in to more temptations food wise and you forget to exercise every day. So this workshop that we have been attending is a good wakeup call for us to get back on track with this disease. And internet addict that I am I recently went looking for a good site or blog for diabetes education and I think that I have found one that is excellent. So if you are diabetic or know someone who is diabetic, do yourself a favor and go to this blog: This woman has an extensive blog and it covers everything and more that we have learned in our recent diabetic classes.


fishing guy said...

J&J: I certainly wish you the best with this illness, I had a very good friend pass away from it so I know of its dangers. Keep doing the right things and I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

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Wanda said...

I will go to the link soon, have several close friends with diabetes.

Thanks for the info.