Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Little Rascals on Piedmont Day

Moonbounce For Three And Under
Jack Aidan
First, Mystified.
Second, Delighted.
Third, Enchanted.

Momma Jenn
First, Frightened.
Second, Surprised.
Third, Delighted.
Grandma Jojo
First, Worried.
Second, Frightened.
Third, Delighted.

End of Story: Jenn had to remove her shoes and climb in and get Jack Aidan.
The little rascal refused to leave the toddler moonbounce.


Patty said...

I wonder how long he would have stayed in there without anyone going after him? Cute!

DragonQuilter said...

Good to know he's like any other small child and is finding the delight that is around him. Wish I had seen him there!